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Leading From Without

Recently, I was working with one of the Senior Executives of a $7 billion dollar client organization. He opened up to me and explained that after exceeding all targets set for them the previous year, their global office had given them even more aggressive targets for the current year. His team didn’t see how they […]

Reframing For Better Business Results

We often offer ideas about how you can drive better business results through our accountability method, and today we want to focus on: How you can reframe your thought cycle when you’re going to a meeting. Everyone knows that many meetings suck. Having observed thousands of meetings, I’ve come to believe that sometimes we ourselves […]

Making Decisions When Outcomes are Uncertain

Hi, I’m Dr. Colm Foster, Senior Associate at Dynamic Results, and with my colleague, Henry Evans, coauthor of “Step Up: Lead in Six Moments that Matter.” You can follow my current ideas by following me on Twitter, @DrColmFoster. Sometimes we see our clients, with or without formal leadership titles, who doubt their leadership ability, because they find themselves in […]