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Creating Functional Accountability
Functional Accountability™ is the nucleus of our development programs. It is our proprietary approach to increasing the performance of organizations, and the individuals who lead them.

Simply put, organizations that are trained to use high specificity in their language, plan and perform with excellence!

Our approach is delivered to clients through specific accountability core competency workshops and one-on-one executive coaching; it also permeates our Change Management & Strategic Planning/Implementation endeavors. We revolutionize the way our clients leverage written and spoken communication for greater efficiency and results. This is fundamental to our “relentless pursuit of client excellence.”

High performing teams cannot exist without high accountability. Accountability is about performance, not about punishment. When applied in an Emotionally Intelligent way, accountability is a relationship builder.

Functional Accountability™ is also explored in the book Winning with Accountability: The Secret Language of High-Performing Organizations.

If you would like to learn more about how to integrate Functional Accountability™ within your organization, please contact us.

Executing Strategy
We are serious about our clients realizing their stated goals. Achieving desired change is where we create the most value, and it is what we value most.

Hiring consultants to help you for business planning is just a starting point. Many firms have the ability to competently devise a plan. However, upon the plan’s completion, many of them get “off the bus” and wish you “good luck.” Dynamic Results’ clients commit to two years of facilitated execution once a strategy has been created. We understand the creation of a business plan is the beginning of a rigorous process, and as with any effective Change Management effort, you must first win the hearts and minds of the people who will be going on the journey. We stay on for the ride, applying our Functional Accountability™ & 21st Century Change Management models, for powerful implementation results.

When using our Functional Accountability™ model, our clients execute their strategic plans at a rate of 86% (2007).

“Our clients rely on us to help them convert their plans into their reality. Our process is rigorous and requires strong commitment from our clients. Our experts remain an integral part of that process, working closely with the client’s leadership team to see that the plan we created together is executed with excellence.” -Henry Evans, Managing Partner

Take a look at what our clients say about our Business Planning and Execution results, and if you are interested in working with Dynamic Results for business planning and executing strategy, please contact us.

Organizational Restructuring & Core Competency Modeling
Once an organization has a vision of their future, the existing organizational structure may not support that future state.

“What got you to the feast may not keep you at the table.”

Once an organization has a vision of their future, the existing organization structure may not support that future structure. Dynamic Results leads the process of designing and implementing the organization of your future, using the same practice that our experts applied when transforming national and multi-national organizations like the U.S. Army and EDS.

Our process begins by forming focus groups within your organization. We then supply you with the organizational chart of your future. Once approved, we define the core competencies required for each position.

Finally, we help evaluate people against those positions and design customized development programs to help people “become the change.”

“An organization must learn to become its future now. Our design helps our clients live in their future.” -Allen Forte, Senior Associate

If you want to work with Dynamic Results on your organizational structure, please contact us.

Improving Individual and Organizational Performance
Organizations don’t change until people do. So we design and execute development programs that respect organizational performance goals and interests, while focusing on developing the individuals who lead.

“An organization is merely a composite of individual human beings. It is through these individuals that organizational changes occur. While we are an ‘Organizational Development‘ firm, we believe that the term itself is a misnomer.” -Henry Evans, Managing Partner

With a basis in Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Functional Accountability™, we coach individuals to achieve higher performance, which in turn, leads to improved organizational performance.

While some of our development programs could be called “executive coaching,” we believe the caliber and backgrounds of our team far exceed the skill sets and capabilities of the average “coach” in the marketplace.

If you would like to increase your team’s individual or organizational performance, please contact us.

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
Emotional Intelligence is a series of non-cognitive skills that help you manage life’s pressures and demands.

“People are hired for what they know, and fired for who they are.” -Jeffrey Pfeffer, Ph.D.

Unlike your intelligence (I.Q.), which is a threshold, behavioral skills like empathy, assertiveness, stress management and reality testing can be improved and are better indicators of future leadership success.

These skills improve tangible business results. By improving these skills, you reduce turn-over, stress and failing relationships, while enhancing organizational performance and the achievement of goals.

At Dynamic Results, we have a team of experts who are leading the application of emotional intelligence at the organizational level. This leads to clearer communication and stronger relationships, which in turn, leads to goals being achieved and profit being made.

Most challenges we encounter in life can be tied to the way we are relating to other human beings. These non-cognitive skills have been identified and can now be quantified. Once quantified, they can be improved, thanks to over 30 years of clinical research by Ph.D. clinical studies run by Ph.D. psychologists.

You CAN lead a team to excellence without leaving a lot of dead bodies in the road.

If you would like to learn more about Emotional Intelligence, check out our books Winning with Accountability: The Secret Language of High-Performing Organizations and Step Up.

If you would like Dynamic Results to help incorporate Emotional Intelligence into your organization, please contact us.