adriana-chmielAdriana Chmiel

Core Competencies

  • Strategic Planning & Execution
  • High Performance Teamwork
  • Leadership Development & Coaching
  • Long Range Planning Facilitation and Organizational Alignment (Change Management)
  • Social Innovation & Corporate Social Responsibility

Adriana is a Senior Associate with Dynamic Results. She has over 20 years experience supporting senior leadership teams and executives on their critical strategy, execution and large-scale change management initiatives. She has worked in a variety of business settings ranging from Fortune 50 companies to NGOs and start-ups where her focus has been developing capacities and improving business performance.

As a leader at Blue Cross Blue Shield, Adriana held enterprise and divisional responsibility in strategy and execution, transformational systems change, long range planning, and project portfolio management.

Her social responsibility engagements with clients such as Cisco focused on sustainable business growth with an eye towards developing human capacity. She has designed ecosystems between global, mid-tier and local businesses to innovate solutions in emerging markets that support local economic growth.

Adriana is most inspired when she works with teams to tap into the power of the organization’s spirit. Her extensive work with decision makers has taught her that sustainable change requires a well-defined and executed strategy together with leadership’s commitment to transform. Powerful strategies are important but businesses demonstrate real results when each person uniquely connects with the values that lie at the heart of the organization.

Adriana is a Master Certified Integral Coach™. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Duke University, a Masters in Epidemiology & Public Health from the University of Miami, and a Masters in Psychology from Meridian University. Adriana lives in the San Francisco bay area. She is an avid international traveler as well as a student of feminine wisdom traditions and earth-honoring indigenous practices.

Contact Adriana at [email protected]

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