Ede Ericson

Core Competencies

  • Project Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Strategic Coordination
  • Corporate Identity
  • Functional Operations Development

Ede is Director of Operations for Dynamic Results, guiding and directing functional management in the production, promotion, and distribution of the organization’s products and services. She also provides direct support to Managing Partner, Henry Evans, including his multi-dimensional calendar and travel schedule. She applies her knowledge and experience from several previous positions to her role in operations.

Ede comes to us most recently from Shidoni Foundry, Inc where she managed the overall operations of an internationally renowned bronze casting foundry. It is her keen interest in making the client experience the best it can be that compels her in her role with Dynamic Results, LLC. Also a practicing sculptor showing in several galleries, Ede brings a unique creative solution oriented dimension to operations.

Holding several other management positions throughout her career, Ede has also worked with Managing Partner, Henry Evans as Director of Information Services and Customer Service Manager a company in which Henry served as CEO. Her on-time and on-budget management of a company wide software conversion was a highlight of her organizational skills.

Ede has a BFA from Bethany College. She studied Studio Art and Art History in Sweden and Scandinavia while on an exchange program. It was at this time that she was exposed to Vigeland’s Park in Oslo, Norway. She says, “I was suddenly face to face with figure and form that spoke to me in a language I recognized immediately.”  This solidified her desire to create works in bronze and she has done so ever since. Her sculpture is in private collections both nationally and internationally. She and her husband Michael created a commissioned work on public display at CNM in Albuquerque, NM. Ede has been a Judge in 2010 and 2011 at the prestigious SWAIA Indian Market in Santa Fe, NM.

She spent much of her childhood in Albuquerque, NM and as a young adult moved to Santa Fe. She is mother to two daughters Karly and Cheyenne.

Contact Ede at [email protected]

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