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Why You Should Encourage Conflict

Fast Company / USA Read on fastcompany.com Conflict is necessary for change; just make sure your team is fighting for the right ideas. If you are not generating the right type of conflict, your organization may lack innovation. Many of today’s organizational leaders avoid conflict because they’ve been trained to build cohesion in teams. They have gone to the outward bound […]

5 Business Books You Should Read This Spring

Inc. / USA Read on Inc.com Why? They’re great. And they’ll help you become greater. I promise they’re all good: Step Up: Lead in Six Moments That Matter, by Henry Evans and Colm Foster. You lead all day, every day, but some moments really matter, and what you do in those moments makes all the difference.Short on […]

Give Heat Like a Boss — and Take It Like a Champ

Men’s Health / USA Read on menshealth.com Handled poorly, criticism at the office can spur lasting tension and grudges. “But if it’s handled right, negative feedback is a gift,” says Henry Evans, co-author of Step Up: Lead in Six Moments That Matter. Sometimes you have to dole out the pain, and sometimes you have to take it. […]

5 Signs Your Organization May Have A Learning Disability

LinkedIn / USA Read on linkedin.com Hi, my name is Henry Evans and our team gives organizations a competitive advantage. As consultants and thought partners we are sometimes in the painful position of watching our clients repeat limiting behaviors in a way which makes us scratch our heads. Why is it that some organizations remain on a […]

Five Ways to Leverage (and Love) Your Pessimists

LinkedIn / USA Read on linkedin.com Hi, my name is Henry Evans. I’m a five time CEO, global consultant, and a recovering optimist. Life was going really well for me. My father practiced meditation every day (82, and still practicing). Through his example and those of my teachers and mentors I learned not to sweat small stuff, […]

Leaders Radiate Competence, Shine In Tough Moments

Investor’s Business Daily / USA Read on investors.com Everyone faces dilemmas at work. Adept execs turn quandaries into accomplishments. How they proceed: Lengthen the fuse. We all work with difficult colleagues, and “We’re conditioned to react,” said Judith Orloff, author of The Ecstasy of Surrender: 12 Surprising Ways Letting Go Can Empower Your Life.  What if you […]

Henry Evans Shares Corporate Experience with SMU Cox Students

SMU / USA For immediate release Henry Evans Shares Corporate Experience with SMU Cox Students Dallas, TX/USA – March 11, 2014 Henry Evans, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Dynamic Results, LLC, presented a seminar titled Accountability Principles for Dynamic Results on Monday, March 10, 2014 as part of the Edwin L. Cox Business Leadership Center’s […]

Consultant’s ‘Glossary of Failure’ gets Down to the Nitty Gritty

Dallas Morning News / USA Read on dallasnews.com When it comes to accountability, the devil is in the details. Be explicit in your communication or be prepared to disappoint or be disappointed. That’s the message from Henry Evans, who makes his living coaching executives. “People fail to meet expectations when those expectations are ambiguous, even when they […]

Leading With Accountability

Irish Director / Ireland The higher you go on the organisational chart the more responsibility you have and the less accountability you may have. Leadership expert Henry Evans suggests some self-generated accountability might be in order. Henry Evans has been working with C-suite executives and organisations for many years, through his Dallas-based company Dynamic Results, […]

Meet the CEO Coaches

Businessworld / India Citius, Altius, Fortius — that’s what India’s business chiefs need, and that’s what CEO trainers give The Gurus But who are these people who make the CEOs what they are or what they want to be — confident, assured, poised? Meet the CEO coaches. They are impartial observers who push the CEOs […]