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Reversing the Polarity of Communications

We believe that you drive results through accountability by investing in the right people, at the right times. Who are the 5 to 7 most important people in your life? Who are the people who have the most impact on you? Who are the 5 to 7 people that you rely on most? We have been presenting […]

You’re No Steve Jobs, Be the Director of Emotional Safety®

Be the Director of Emotional Safety®. Hi, I’m Henry Evans, Managing Partner of Dynamic Results and as you know, I’m author of the bestselling book, “Winning with Accountability the Secret Language of High Performing Organizations”. When we’re out working in our client organizations, sometimes we say something, when I do it, it’s usually by accident, […]

Going Public, Best Practices for the 4th piece of the Accountability Puzzle

“Accountability is born when two or more people know about a commitment.”Sharing Best Practices for the fourth piece of the Accountability Puzzle™ True accountability begins when someone else knows about it. We suggest you do two important things: 1) Find an Accountability Partner 2) Publish your commitments It is important to invite and welcome people to hold you accountable. An […]

Handling Colleague Related Stress -Part I

Back by popular demand, part one of a two part series by Michael McElhenie, PhD: Handling Colleague Related Stress. Handling Colleague Related Stress -Part I by Michael McElhenie PhD, Senior Associate Dynamic Results In every workplace and culture, we see that difficult social situations are major causes of workplace stress. Though it may seem that this […]

What Is Coaching?

By Henry Evans Published in CEO-IQ, Volume 4 Coaching is the art of helping people identify and achieve their goals. Generally a coaching relationship exists between two people, the coach and the client. Working under the guidance of the coach they team up as thinking partners to identify the client’s personal and professional goals. Most […]

Listening For Enhanced Profits

By Bob Irish Published in CEO-IQ, Volume 4, Jan-Feb 2004 In the last issue I discussed enhancing your bottom line by communicating five key messages to employees. In this issue, we’ll look at what to listen for to predict the future profitability of your company. Every month, CEOs receive financial reports that convey important information […]