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By Bob Irish Published in CEO-IQ, Volume 6, May-June 2004 Business research has shown over and over again that even companies with a written business plan have failed when there has been poor execution of that plan. How do you tell if a company is not executing well? Just compare what is promised with what […]

Who Is Holding You Accountable?

Leadership and Personal Accountability The following article was submitted by Tom Zahniser. Tom is a fan of our book “Winning With Accountability, The Secret Language of High Performing Organizations.” A leader of CEO think tanks in the Seattle area, Tom purchased the book for all of his members. We think you’ll agree that his thoughts […]

How To Hire Result Producers

by Richard Massimilian, Senior Associate For more information on building cultures of accountability, read the book! The signs of the impending economic upturn are clear. Soon leaders will need to hire for the upswing. In an environment in which finding the right candidate is essential and the costs of a hiring mistake escalate, how can […]

How One CFO Energizes Her Organization

By Elaine Siciliano Morris, Senior Associate “A leader is someone who can get things done through other people.” (Warren Buffet) In short, you are a leader only if others will successfully follow you. This month we highlight our client, Natalie Knight, CFO of adidas North America. Henry Evans observes that Natalie models a leadership style […]

How You Are Feeling Impacts Your Results

by Colm Foster – Senior Associate, Ireland Spock: “It’s just not logical, Captain.” Kirk: “As humans…we can’t just ignore our feelings, Mr.Spock.” This exchange between Kirk and Spock illustrates an age-old dilemma. Spock believes that emotions and feelings are always to be mistrusted and avoided in pursuit of the most rational, logical and sensible decision. […]