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Strategies For Building Accountability

Interview by Elaine Morris – Senior Associate Enjoy this article? You might benefit from one of our accountability workshops! It is a well know fact that people resist change at first and can be threatened by new standards of performance. How do effective leaders communicate their vision in a way that creates accountability while achieving […]

Building Accountability & Driving Results With Strategic Planning Retreats

by Dynamic Results Our experience teaches us that management teams willing to invest quality “away” time for planning the future are more successful in running profitable and growing operations than companies unwilling to do so. Although we recognize the hefty investment needed for taking the executive team away for 2 to 3 days of “uninterruptible” […]

5 Tips For Your Next Strategy Session

by Elaine Morris – Senior Associate Will your next strategic planning retreat resemble the book title, “Death by Meeting” or be more akin to another best-seller “Good to Great”? Consider the “burn-rate” – the real cost of 8-12 executive’s time over the course of two-three days, plus the hotel, meals, travel and facilitation fees. The […]

Realizing Your Vision

Realizing Your Vision by Cheryl Croall and Henry Evans Leadership and learning are indispensable to one another. ~ John F. Kennedy We believe that leadership is a lifelong journey and that real progress requires commitment and vision.   As you plan for the new year, imagine yourself at this time next year and think, “what would […]

Free Resources for Building Accountability in your Culture without Leaving Dead Bodies in the Road

by Henry Evans-Managing Partner Our team at Dynamic Results wishes you a very happy new year. Last year we delivered our Accountability Method to organizations, business schools, and government agencies in many parts of the world. We’re starting this year by giving you a quick video reminder with some ideas around how you can be […]

Reflections: Creating Accountability with Emotional Intelligence

by Henry Evans – Managing Partner Most miscommunications and relationship challenges are caused by a lack of clarity on the front end of your communications. In our book, “Winning With Accountability, The Secret Language of High Performing Organizations”, we address this common challenge. Once we feel we have communicated an idea well, we often move […]

Threat Assessment in 3 Easy Steps

In this blog, we take you through the three most common levels of threats and which type of response is required for each one. By understanding which threats may impede your strategic planning activities, you know how and when to respond to them. Enjoy, and as always see how people like New York Times Best […]

Leading With Accountability, Part Two

Excerpt from Irish Director Magazine Dynamic Results and Managing Partner, Henry Evans, were featured in the latest edition of Irish Director Magazine. In April, the Dynamic Perspective brought you Part 1 of the article, self-generated accountability. We now present to you Part 2, healthy nervousness. To discover how to build a culture of accountability at your organization, read our […]