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Accountability in Action: How One Company President Applied Our Method for Building Accountability in Their Culture

By Bob Irish (recently retired) For more information on the accountability method discuss, read our book. A client reminded me of a firm I worked for more than thirty years ago where there was a lot of activity, people were very busy, sales were mediocre, but the profits were not what they should have been. There […]

How to Make a Team Retreat Worthwhile

Have you ever planned a leadership retreat only to be met with cynicism about time away from the office and average results? The following take-away tools will ensure you get the maximum return for your investment. Set Realistic Goals Keeping the agenda to a single focus allows participants to achieve tangible results while avoiding a […]

Our Coaching and Accountability Solutions Receive National Media Attention in India

Dynamic Results has been delivering accountability programs, executive coaching, and strategic planning services since 2003 . . . In 2010 we opened an office in India. Although the Western world is well acquainted with the benefits of partnering with a professional development organization, this is not yet the case in the East. There, our industry […]

The Language of Accountability: How Accountable Organizations Use Our Method for Increased Business Results (Part One of Three)

Nine-tenths of life’s serious controversies come from misunderstanding. -Louis Brandeis Traditionally, language is perceived to be the structure of how messages are sent and received. However, language actually achieves more by stimulating opinions and creating emotional responses. For example, there’s a new restaurant in town … and the people you work with are raving about […]

The Language of Accountability: “Glossary of Failure” ™ or put simply, The language which leads to relationship and project failure. (Part Two of Three)

The Glossary of Failure Language used to forecast relationship or project failure is called the “Glossary of Failure.” It’s ambiguous, lack’s specificity and will assuredly lead to disappointment, failure and bad feelings. Ambiguity and generalizations lead to disappointment. Here’s a good example. If you ask three people what “ASAP” means to them, you’ll probably get […]

Your Role in Creating an Accountable Culture for Your Organization: How You Can Apply Our Accountability Method for Increased Business Results (Part Three of Three)

State It Once A Culture of Accountability also helps eliminate redundancy. Focusing solely on a problem and not on the solution wastes resources on redundancy. Everyone knows what the problem is … your energy and resources need to be focused on solving the problem. It may be productive to voice the problem once, but then […]

An Interview with Author Henry J. Evans

An Interview with Author Henry J. Evans In the book “Winning With Accountability, The Secret Language of High-Performing Organizations,” (2008), author Henry J. Evans offers a step-by-step guide to help any organization improve performance by creating an accountability culture. The book and the method it covers are in use by organizations ranging from multi-national corporations, to U.S. and European […]