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Passive Endorsements – A Deadly Silence

Today I’ll discuss the tendency to occasionally avoid challenging conversations. An industrial psychologist in our firm has an interesting take on this issue: He says there are two kinds of people: Those who know they may be avoiding difficult conversations and those that don’t know. Let’s see how this view applies to our interactions. In […]

Are You Dangerous?

I’ve got a question for you to consider; Are you dangerous to your organization? We’ve already established that whatever your formal title, we want you to think of yourself as the ‘Director of Emotional Safety’. This means that you make people feel safe when they are bringing you bad news, even if that news is […]

Leading From Without

Recently, I was working with one of the Senior Executives of a $7 billion dollar client organization. He opened up to me and explained that after exceeding all targets set for them the previous year, their global office had given them even more aggressive targets for the current year. His team didn’t see how they […]

Reframing For Better Business Results

We often offer ideas about how you can drive better business results through our accountability method, and today we want to focus on: How you can reframe your thought cycle when you’re going to a meeting. Everyone knows that many meetings suck. Having observed thousands of meetings, I’ve come to believe that sometimes we ourselves […]