Accountability Assessment for eSchool

My Organization’s Language: We use very specific deadlines when discussing upcoming work.

My Organization’s Language: We are clear about what outcomes we are working to create.

My Organization’s Language: Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined when we assign tasks.

My Organization’s Behavior: Our Team members deliver projects exactly as they had been requested (deliverable).

My Organization’s Behavior: Our team delivers “on time, every time” in the eyes of our internal and external customers.

My Organization’s Behavior: Our team members take responsibility for their own outcomes and performance.

My Influence: I give constructive input to my teammates in an emotionally intelligent way, even if it may be tough for them to hear.

My Influence: I receive “first hand” constructive input from my teammates when I have failed to meet their expectations.

My Influence: I participate in meetings and other interactions where I may influence the mood and commitment of other people.

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This assessment is based on the ideas and techniques in the book Winning With Accountability.  Click the book if you are interested in learning more about it.  The link will open in a new window and you will not lose your place in the assessment.