Individual Development

All coaches are not created equal.  Our founder, Henry Evans, was quoted in a business journal saying:

“We don’t like the word ‘coaching’ because it’s an extremely uncredentialed industry.  A large percentage of people calling themselves coaches are either unemployable or they have never led a large organization.”

We like to think of what is commonly called “coaching” as Executive Development. Our experts combine years of experience working with leaders, clinical research, and our Winning With Accountability™ techniques to identify core areas for development. Once identified, we believe our clients must self-select and self-generate their change.

Some of our expert resources have over 10,000 billable hours of coaching at all levels of organizations.  We are industry experts, and lecture other coaches at industry conferences and also, through our many published methodologies.

We use a combination of proprietary and third party assessment tools to benchmark and measure the impact of our work.