Winning with AccountabilityTM

Accountability does not have to be a punitive concept in your organization. Based on our best-selling book, Winning With Accountability: The Secret Language of High Performing Organizations, we deliver a proprietary, language based method for improving business results, while building stronger relationships. When using our Accountability Method™, our clients implement their strategies at 3-8x the published Harvard average, giving our clients a competitive edge.

Simply put, organizations that are trained to use high specificity in their language – plan and perform with excellence!

Go from punitive to positive! Other methods focus on how to “hold people accountable”, meaning that they assume accountability should be on the back end of your process, often, AFTER the relationship or project has failed. In our accountability workshop, your team will learn to “frontload” accountability for outstanding business results. Our method is delivered to industry and taught in business schools worldwide.

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Based on Our Best-Selling Accountability Book


These workshops are based on the concepts found in our book Winning With Accountability: The Secret Language of High-Performing Organizations (over 100,000 in print!)