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Watch Henry Evans Speak

Tools You Can Use

While many keynote speakers and presenters focus on “pumping you up” or selling books, we focus on delivering “take away” tools on subjects that are audience appropriate. Henry speaks on a wide variety of subjects, leaving the audience with tools they can take back and apply to their business.

Take it home:

  • Winning With Accountability™
  • Emotional Safety®
  • Step Up- Generate Leadership at Every Level of your Organization

Bring Henry Evans’ Expertise and Passion to Your Organization

Keynote Addresses

Henry delivers powerful talks, focused on simple, proven, take-away tools for audience members. Hear Henry speak and you will leave the room with new ways of improving your efficiency, culture and business results. Author and Co-Author of Winning With Accountability and Step Up, Henry will energize your audience in a way which creates sustainable value to your organization.

Winning With Accountability™

With over 100,000 copies in print, our best-selling book, “Winning With Accountability, the Secret Language of High Performing Organizations” is the basis for his keynote. Audience members will learn how to navigate the busy environments we work in to clarify expectations, drive better business results, build relationships, and gain a competitive advantage through our Winning With Accountability™ organization and leadership training.

Step Up

This message focuses on generating leadership at every level of your organization. Author’s Henry Evans and Dr. Colm Foster offer new research and challenge your audience with some counterintuitive ideas like “Get Angry, not Stupid” (the intelligent use of anger in the workplace) and “Appreciating and Leveraging your Pessimists”. Participants will enjoy an interactive environment where they will earn to recognize the six moments that matter, and also, how to demonstrate leadership when they are in one of those moments.

Emotional Safety®

This isn’t your grandfathers approach to Emotional Intelligence. We challenge the audience to put all the previous reading and studying they have done to work by offering tangible, action oriented ways of building trust, demonstrating vulnerability and creating the appropriate mood for various types of tasks. Audience members will understand how to read and generate the appropriate emotions for the kind of outcome they are trying to create.

Feedback From The Audience

“I’ve never taken that many notes listening to a speaker before.”

Audience Member
Audience Member

“My boss and I improved two real life business commitments and had a clear plan of action before the talk was over.”

Audience Member
Audience Member

“I’ve understood some of these concepts before but now I actually know how to apply them in my next e-mail or meeting.”

Audience Member
Audience Member


Our sessions are not classroom style lectures. Audiences are invited into interaction with Henry and with one another. Audience members will be challenged to practice and demonstrate competency in the solutions we offer during a key note.


We don’t do motivational speaking and focus instead on discovering real, applicable, and achievable actions that get people in touch with capabilities they may or may not have been aware of. Audience members leave feeling good, and knowing how to apply that feeling.


We don’t do “edutainment”. Audience members will be armed with practical, proven solutions, and a plan of action for applying them when they get “back to work”. All of our energy and focus will be on applicable concepts, leading to sustainable learning in your organization.

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