Organizational Structuring and
Core Competency Modeling

“What got you to the feast may not keep you at the table.”

Once an organization has a vision of their future, the existing organizational structure may not support the desired future state. Dynamic Results leads the process of designing and implementing the organization of your future, using the same practice that our experts applied when transforming national and multi-national organizations like the U.S. Army , EDS, and others.

Our process begins by forming focus groups within your organization. We then supply you with the organizational chart of your future. Once approved, we define the core-competencies required for each position.

Finally, we help evaluate people against those positions and design customized development programs to help people “become the change.”

“Our experts are ready to design and deliver structures that bring vision statements to fruition.”
-Henry Evans

If you want to work with Dynamic Results on your organizational structure, please contact us.