Ann Dederer

Core Competencies

  • Strategy Facilitation & Execution
  • Leadership Development
  • Leader Coaching
  • Organizational Design & Performance
  • Team Development & Effectiveness

Ann is a Senior Associate with Dynamic Results, LLC.  An experienced and insightful leadership and organizational consultant, she works with leaders and teams in corporate, government, and nonprofit organizations to design & implement informed strategy, increase organizational effectiveness and alignment, and develop the talent needed to drive results.  She specializes in providing creative, individualized, and engaging leadership team development experiences through coaching and blended learning.

A strategic thinker, Ann is known for her ability to synthesize varied ideas into a cohesive vision and big picture strategy. A versatile and engaging facilitator, she brings diverse people and perspectives together in ways that stimulate creative thinking, complex problem-solving, and deeper collaboration.

Ann leads complex teams through program development and organizational effectiveness initiatives in the corporate, environmental, manufacturing, engineering, national defense, and international security sectors. She supports leaders and teams in the United States, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

In 2000, she founded a successful independent consulting practice that facilitated strategic implementation, business planning, and organization development for private foundations, boards, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and corporations.  In 2009, she led the design and delivery of The Nature Conservancy’s first integrated leadership development reaching leaders and managers across five global regions. She co-facilitated leadership cohorts, coached leaders and managers, and delivered a suite of blended learning to support leadership competencies and team effectiveness.

Through her belief in people’s ability to address complex challenges, she supports leaders to develop the self-awareness, competencies, and abilities to build enduring relationships, teams, and organizations in times of change.  Over her career she has helped a wide variety of leadership and cross-disciplinary teams assess their organizational needs, identify the underlying cause of problems, and implement tangible solutions to those challenges.   She is energized by working with them to implement sustainable change and feel engaged through a culture shift.

Ann has an undergraduate degree from Bucknell University and a graduate degree from The Elliott School of International Affairs at The George Washington University.  She is certified in the Extraordinary Leader™ Assessment and MBTI Type Indicator™ and has completed post-graduate studies and obtained certificates in financial analysis, emotional intelligence and diversity, strategic leadership, and coaching.

Ann resides in Colorado and brings her love of people and the natural world to her work to develop balanced, healthy, and sustainable organizations.

Contact Ann at [email protected]

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