Carlos Mota

Core Competencies

  • Leadership Development
  • Meaningful Conversations Design and Facilitation
  • Future Scenario Planning Processes
  • Systems Thinking Applied to Complex Human and Organizational Situations

Carlos is a Senior Associate with Dynamic Results and specializes in developing executive and managerial level leaders to achieve outstanding business results while maintaining a sense of economic, social and environmental responsibility. He has served private, public and social organizations in different countries and has accumulated knowledge, learning and experience, working for local, international and global businesses.

He coauthored with Juanita Brown “The World Café, Shaping our future through conversations that matter” a book that describes the essential principles of The World Café dialogue methodology, rich of experiences, insights and suggestions to create meaningful conversations within any organization. This approach is now active all around the world. He also coauthored “Leaders for Tomorrow”, a series of articles from international leaders dealing with the new challenges and opportunities of the XXI Century. Carlos contributed with his article: A Time for Transcendent Leadership.

Carlos has gained professional experience in the corporate world starting as a Marketing Supervisor and then Product Manager and Marketing Director for Warner Lambert Consumer Products (acquired by Pfizer) with P&L responsibility in Mexico, the Americas and South East Asia.

He progressed into senior management positions in Alfa Industrial Group, Food Division (Sigma Alimentos) as head of Marketing and Planning and later as a General Manager for Zano Alimentos (now Coca-Cola).

In 1995 Carlos co-founded HMS and nurtured personal relationships with thinkers that helped developed some of his skills, knowledge and expertise such as: Organizational Learning with Peter Senge, Future Scenario Planning with Peter Schwartz (GBN), Leadership and The New Science with Margareth Wheatley, The Biology of Cognition with Humberto Maturana and Conversational Leadership with Juanita Brown, among others.

Besides his professional work, Carlos has been member of the Board of Margareth Wheatley´s Berkana Institute, he is currently member of the Advisory Board of The Refinery Leadership Group and President of the Board for an NGO in Mexico, a Community Center devoted to value centered education for children living in poverty in Mexico City.

Carlos has a MBA from Stanford University, studies of Systems Thinking at M.I.T. and has participated in a five year U.N. initiative: Peace building for The XXI Century.

He has developed the Model Evolving to Transcend, an individual and collective frame to dynamically integrate and harmonize four essential domains in life aimed at creating a fuller, integral and enjoyable life. These domains are: Being, Purpose, Doing and Impact.

Born in Mexico, he has lived 5 years in the US and gained local and global view from the perspective of human matters from many cultures around the world that inspires his will to: help create enabling spaces to invite individuals to unleash their human potential with a sense of transcendence.

Contact Carlos at [email protected]

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