danielle-conroyDanielle Conroy

Core Competencies

  • Leader Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Change
  • Masterful Facilitation

With over 25 years as an organisational development consultant, working both internally for Novartis Pharmaceuticals in Switzerland, and co-founding and managing two successful consulting and training businesses in Australia, Danielle brings a significant breadth and depth to her consulting, teaching and coaching practice. These experiences have enabled her to develop a deep understanding of the complexity, challenges and rewards of working in medium, large and matrix organizations.

Danielle is a Senior Consultant with Dynamic Results. In all contexts, she teaches and supports leaders and change agents to unlock and accelerate powerful mental, emotional and relational capacities that support them in navigating the complexity of today’s world, generating greater impact in their organizations and industries.

Danielle’s past and present clients value her creativity, depth of integral thinking, warmth and emotional intelligence, coupled with a focus on business results and a partnership approach. She balances an intuitive understanding of people and deep listening skills, with her high-level analytical ability and strong support for individual and collective development and learning.

Through Danielle’s passionate commitment to sustainable transformation, she has designed and implemented numerous, successful, tailored, multi-tiered leadership development programs, strategic planning processes, change management initiatives, restructures, and individual & cultural assessments. Many of these have been 2-8 year projects, which have enabled individuals, teams and organizations to realize and measure significant outcomes over time. In addition, she has developed and trained HR professionals and consultants in consulting and advanced facilitation skills, and logged 3000 + hours of coaching for middle and senior executives.

Danielle has a graduate degree in Business and Leadership from Curtin University in Australia. She is certified in several assessment instruments including the Leadership Development Profile (LDP/LMP/GLP), Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI), Integral 360, DiSC, Birkman & MBTI (steps 1 & 2). She is a certified Holacracy practitioner and a certified Lectica Consultant™.

Through deliberate daily practices of yoga, meditation and exercise, Danielle maintains her strong personal commitment to transformation. She has lived and worked in USA, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, China, Japan, Malaysia, India and Australia, and recently married and moved to Marin, California with her daughter, Anji into a blended family situation.

In 2015, Danielle became certified to deliver our proprietary Accountability Method ™

Contact Danielle at [email protected]

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