Elaine Morris

Core Competencies

  • CEO Forums
  • Executive Coaching
  • Management/Leadership Education and Workshops
  • Keynotes
  • Performance Improvement
  • Team Development
  • Strategic Planning

Elaine Morris, a Senior Associate of Dynamic Results LLC, is a seasoned executive coach, consultant, workshop leader and speaker. For more than 25 years years, Elaine has worked with top level leaders to build innovative and rewarding work environments. In group settings, Elaine facilitates focused conversations for corporate teams to create strategies, build greater teamwork and effectively execute plans.

Elaine’s commitment is to make a positive impact on people’s lives by igniting their desire to learn and grow.

In recent projects, Elaine’s work yielded:

A high level leader was overwhelmed with the day-to-day demands on his time and energy. He shifted from handling tasks and responding to everyone else’s agenda to focusing strategically and leading his company towards greater growth, teamwork and cultural change.

A knowledgeable and highly valued manager struggled with his ability to delegate effectively. Within one year he trained and developed a full team of competent direct reports. This manager moved from doing too much himself to overseeing others in a well-functioning department.

A high-potential manager struggled with her ability to be assertive, say “no” when needed, and confront difficult conversations. She grew in her ability to handle conflict, speak her mind with diplomacy and was promoted within 3 months.

Successful execution of a four-year strategy that doubled the size of a company

A top level team grew dramatically in teamwork behaviors in the course of one year, as evidenced by the before and after scores of an objective team assessment Elaine has worked with emerging companies, mid-sized and Fortune 500 organizations in a wide variety of industries including: commercial real estate, construction, technology, engineering, retail, oil and gas, health care, insurance, financial services, hospitality, direct sales, government, legal services, private education, non-profits, and a variety of service organizations.

Elaine is certified in two emotional intelligence instruments, the ECI, distributed by the Hay/McBer group, an affiliate of Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence Services. Goleman brought “Emotional Intelligence” into our vocabulary through his ground-breaking book, Emotional Intelligence in 1995 and more recently through the best-seller, Primal Leadership. Elaine is also certified in the Bar-On EQI and EQ 360 assessment tools developed by Dr. Reuven Bar-on, and distributed by MHS. This tool is the most widely used of the EQ instruments and is approved by the American Psychological Association.

Elaine’s coaching credentials include certification in Integral Coaching, through New Ventures West, a well-known coaching accreditation organization, approved by the ICF (International Coach Federation). Elaine uses the approach of the Integral Coaching Model, a breakthrough approach to executive development that is rigorous, compassionate and pragmatic. She engages clients in new ways of thinking and behaving through conversations and exercises related to their everyday work. This approach is based on the premise that action and practice is central to real learning and change. Clients integrate business and personal goals and progress is measured to assure positive impact on leader and measurable organizational results.

Elaine is also certified by ICF, the main credentialing organization in the coaching industry and she is in the process of achieving the highest level, which is Master Coach. This rigorous process requires 2500 hours of documented coaching time, supervision and letters of reference from other Master Coaches, and successful completion of a written exam.

An avid and curious learner, Elaine has also completed the Institute of Cultural Affairs certification as a Professional Facilitator and the more advanced training in Strategic Planning Facilitation. Elaine is trained to use the Myers Briggs individual and team assessments, the Strong Interest Survey, the Five Dysfunctions of a Team, and the Leadership Practices methodology.

Elaine’s earlier education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Secondary Education from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1973. She completed the Executive MBA Program’s 36 hours of course work at Nova University in Orlando, Florida in 1978.

Elaine is a frequent speaker at industry associations and has spoken to such groups as the American Heart Association, American Society of Training and Development, the Society of Human Resource Management, the Real Estate Investment Managers, the Financial Planners Association, the Texas Apartment Association, Trinity Christian Academy, and The International Speaker’s Conference, among others.

Contact Elaine at [email protected]

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