Rossana Miranda-Johnston

Core Competencies

  • Performance Coaching for C-level executives
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation Facilitation
  • Meeting and Retreat Facilitation
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment and Development
  • Conflict Resolution Facilitation

Rossana is a Senior Associate with Dynamic Results who is leading our Spanish Language Programs and an experienced trainer and coach who delivers client-tailored intercultural and leadership training programs to support management, international relocation, teambuilding, leadership development, customer service & sales, cross-cultural communication and diversity and inclusion solutions. She has delivered programs in the United States, Canada, some European countries and most of Latin America. She delivers training in stand-up and virtual formats both in Spanish and in English.

Born and raised in Mexico, Rossana has a bachelor’s degree in workplace psychology and received a master’s degree in Intercultural Management from the School for International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont. She has completed a coach-training program at Newfield Network. She is currently working towards completing her International Coaching Federation (ICF) certification. Rossana’s personal style in training and facilitation is known
for being personable, engaging and energetic. She is curious, respectful and empathetic.

Rossana’s interest and passion for human behavior started while she studied English in England. Since then she has traveled all over the world and in 1988, she worked in a Moshav in Israel pruning mango trees and picking onions and tomatoes. In Portugal she waited tables at a beach resort and in Italy she learned organic vegetable growing techniques, animal husbandry, and bread making. Rossana has developed a great curiosity for the cultures of the world and their different worldviews that impact people’s behavior.

Rossana entered the field of intercultural communication and training in 1992. As an independent trainer-sub-contractor during the last 15 years, she has delivered over 500 programs for many Fortune 500 Corporations such as Apple, ArcelorMittal, Archer Daniels Midland, Cargil, Caterpillar, DaimlerChrysler Lows, Schering Plough, Scotiabank-Inverlat, SIEMENS, Hewlett Packard, Volkswagen, Wal-Mart de México, Honeywell Aerospace,
Santander International, Sherwin Williams and many others. As an example of these interventions, she has successfully supported a large corporate university in the mining industry with leadership development in Latin America, the Caribbean, Canada and the United States.

From 2004 to date, along with Dianne Hofner Saphire, the creator of Cultural Detective and a multinational group of trainers, Rossana has been contributing to the delivery of this successful intercultural process tool. She is the Cultural Detective Mexico author. This process tool aims to develop skills, bottom-line results, and personal and organizational intercultural competence. Many corporations, universities and organizations all over the world, such as the United Nations, Microsoft and Shell Oil have used this process tool with great success.

In 2007 she contributed to Aperian Global publication’ of the book Global Diversity: Winning Customers and Engaging Employees within World Markets. With four editions, this publication offered a unique and innovative perspective to taking diversity and inclusion initiatives globally. Rossana is the author of the Mexico chapter. In 2011 Rossana contributed to the Intercambio de Comunidades publication What Every Immigrant Needs to Know. This guide, unique of its kind, covers 12 areas and 130 topics that raise the awareness of international newcomers. This guide is used by many non-profit organization around the USA. Rossana is deeply committed to bridging the personal and professional cultural gap that many Latin-Americans experience in the USA. She voluntarily supports a number of cross-cultural understanding initiatives.

Rossana believes that every person has the responsibility to first look at oneself and make efforts to improve one’s own personal outlook of life and his/her impact on the work environment. The practice of coaching has given Rossana the insights and tools to explore an individual’s deep vision of the world and support the development of better alternatives at personal and/or professional levels.

Rossana’s honest commitment to the development of peoples’ well being, talent, and company empowerment come across in her engaging, caring and insightful personality. Building the trust and motivation needed to engage in learning is an important part of what she brings to her clients.

Rossana lives in Colorado and is happily married to a remarkable man from New Hampshire. She loves gardening, mushroom hunting, dancing, wine tasting and traveling the world. Her personal mission is “to have fun while learning”

5 Competencies:

• Leadership development trainer and facilitator
• Cross-cultural collaboration and competence
• Executive and life ontological coaching
• Communication and Engagement
• Trust building and maintenance

In 2014, Rossana became certified to deliver our proprietary Accountability Method ™

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