tina-maloneyTina Maloney

Core Competencies

  • Design and Execution of Large System Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Change and Learning
  • Large Group Meeting Design and Facilitation
  • Inquiry, Communication, and Engagement Strategist
  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Cross Cultural Communications

Tina Maloney joined the Dynamic Results team as Managing Director and brings over 25 years of consulting experience to both the operations and client facing aspects of our business.

With a proven track record in leading complex business operations and teams, Tina brings her first hand experience and insights to the firm. Tina is deeply experienced and passionate about bringing people together to engage in confronting the underlying issues that influence culture, performance, personal expression, and client impact.

Tina has both led and participated in major C-level culture change initiatives as both an internal and external consultant to the client system. She is a change leadership development strategist and brings innovation and unprecedented employee engagement design into major culture change initiatives. Most recently, while living and working in Australia, Tina was able to design a three-day session facilitating the alignment of over 75 CEO’s across five cultures and seven languages.

With experience consulting and coaching senior executives in companies such as Boeing, Cisco Systems, and Chevron, Tina has a unique insight into the complexities facing the leadership and major program initiatives.

During her time as a Principal Consultant working with the C-Suite of Kaiser Permanente, Tina was able to design and launch learning and change programs that scaled nationally. Specifically, her innovation, diversity, and performance improvement curriculum design is still being used widely.

Tina is an expert design partner with a focus on creating organizations and teams that fundamentally shift the level of transparency, accountability and truth telling at the executive levels to create lasting transformational change.

As a facilitation and design collaborator, Tina brings groups of any size to a new level of understanding and enrollment in ways that often require extraordinary levels of personal and professional commitment. This commitment creates unprecedented – measurable results.

Tina currently facilitates interpersonal dynamics groups at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.
She has a Masters’ degree in Organizational Psychology from Sonoma State University and an undergraduate degree in Business.

Contact Tina at [email protected]

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