Adam Salacuse

Adam Salacuse is the founder and President of ALT TERRAIN (, North America’s premier agency resource for alternative advertising, non-traditional media, and guerilla marketing campaigns. Over the past 8 years, his company, with offices in Boston and Chicago (and Los Angeles in ’08), has implemented breakthrough marketing initiatives for the agencies of Fortune 500 companies such as Disney, Microsoft, Sony Ericsson, and McDonald’s.

Salacuse is a frequent contributor to national radio and news outlets seeking respected commentary on the state of advertising media in the United States and abroad. His work is featured in the 2007 book Guerilla Advertising: Unconventional Brand Communication and for two years he was selected as a judge on the International Interactive & Alternative Media Awards.

Prior to ALT TERRAIN, Adam Salacuse founded Brand Builders, a sales and marketing consultancy for food and beverage brands. Aside from his passion for business start-ups and advertising, he is an avid fan and collector of urban contemporary art.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in marketing and entrepreneurial studies from Babson College and resides in Western Massachusetts.

Contact Adam at [email protected]