Safety® in the

Emotional Safety® is an interactive, online learning experience designed to give your people the knowledge and tools to build a culture of trust and open communication.

When there is emotional safety in the workplace, employees are:

  • Willing to take calculated risks and experiment without fear of retribution if an idea fails.
  • Collaborative and supportive of one another.
  • Comfortable speaking up, even when they have to share bad news.
  • Feel a high level of emotional safety in the workplace.

Does this sound impossible? It’s not when you establish a culture of Emotional Safety® in the workplace. However, it’s hard to shift your culture when only a few people have the necessary language and skills to support your desired state.

Emotional Safety® training enables you to scale learning throughout your organization to accelerate your culture shift.

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Desktop and mobile demonstration of the emotional safety in the workplace program.

Drawing on insights from our Amazon Top Ten book Step Up, Lead in Six Moments that Matters, Emotional Safety® in the workplace is a self-paced learning journey designed to enhance collaboration, innovation, and engagement within your team. This approach equips you with the essential strategies for fostering emotional safety, enabling you to effectively tackle challenges and meet your objectives.

What You’ll Learn in Emotional Safety®

  • Establish goals to enhance your presence and emotional safety in the workplace and in personal relationships.
  • Broaden your empathy to foster a work environment where emotional safety allows for deeper understanding among colleagues.
  • Initiate meaningful conversations, including those around emotional safety, which you might have been postponing or unaware of.
  • Channel your energy towards desired outcomes, emphasizing emotional safety and well-being over transient feelings.
  • Provide constructive feedback in a way that challenges ideas or behaviors without compromising the emotional safety or relationships within the team

Learner Experience

New Concepts

Learn actionable emotional safety content and tools, and how to integrate them into your work.

Social Interaction

Strengthen learning through engagement with peers and instructors during interactive discussions.

Engaging Gamification

Compete for points and prizes to enhance stickiness and improve ROI.

Easy Access

Works on any device, from any location, at any time.

Track Progress

Measure and quantify progress every step of the way.

Ongoing Support

Reinforce learning with AfterlearnTM in just a few minutes per week.

{“Thank you. This was very enlightening not only professionally but personally.”
Emotional Safety® Participant

“It forced me to come face-to-face with some of my own shortcomings.”

Emotional Safety® Participant

Make It Stick with AfterLearnTM

AfterLearnTM reinforces learning in just 2-4 minutes per week.  Participants earn points through text sprintsvideos, and challenges. This gamification of content is a fast and engaging method of practice that enables behaviors to “stick” in a way that learners love as they compete with their teammates for prizes and top spots on leaderboards.

Employee comfort and openness in a safe work environment, showcasing workplace emotional safety.

Ideal Audience

Leaders at all levels  

Team members in a supportive discussion, highlighting emotional safety in the workplace.


Self-paced (asynchronous) and facilitated group learning (synchronous) in a virtual classroom

Leaders fostering emotional safety through active listening and empathy in the workplace.


Learn at your own pace over 12 weeks. About 4 minutes per week

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Emotional Safety®

Step Up, Lead in Six Moments that Matter, is a guide to exercising leadership when it matters most, boosting your personal impact and effectiveness, and making a real difference, while creating an emotionally safe culture.

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