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Many strategy and leadership keynote speakers and presenters focus on “pumping you up” or selling books. Instead, we deliver powerful talks, focused on simple, proven take-away tools that audience members can immediately apply in their organization. Presenting new ways of improving your efficiency, culture and business results, we energize the audience to create sustainable value for your organization.

Leadership speaker engaging audience with innovative ideas.

Innovative Leadership for the Modern Era

{“I’ve understood some of these concepts before but now I actually know how to apply them in my next e-mail or meeting.”

“My boss and I improved two real-life business commitments and had a clear plan of action before the talk was over.”

A Keynote Unlike Any Other

Our goal is for audience members to be challenged yet
believe they can put the concepts into action right away.

Audience captivated by dynamic leadership speech


Our sessions are not classroom-style lectures. Audiences are invited to interact with the speaker and with one another. Audience members will be challenged to practice and demonstrate competency in the solutions we offer during a keynote.

Dynamic speech captures audience with engaging leadership insights


We focus on discovering real, applicable, and achievable actions that get people in touch with capabilities they may or may not have been aware of. Audience members leave feeling good and knowing how to apply that feeling.
Audience engaged by speaker's transformative leadership vision.


Audience members will be armed with practical, proven solutions, and a plan of action for applying them when they get “back to work.” All our energy and focus will be on applicable concepts, leading to sustainable learning in your organization.

Keynote Topics

Check out some of the exciting topics available for your next Keynote session.

Speaker illustrating how to foster emotional safety in the workplace, emphasizing trust and vulnerability.

Building a Culture of Emotional Safety®

Learn how to read and generate the appropriate emotions for the kind of outcome they are trying to create. We challenge audience members by offering tangible, action-oriented ways of building trust, demonstrating vulnerability, and creating the appropriate mood for various types of tasks.

Keynote presentation on 'Winning with Accountability' with focus on driving performance and gaining competitive edge.

Winning with AccountabilityTM

Learn how to navigate the busy world we work in to clarify expectations, drive better business results, build relationships, and gain a competitive advantage.

The foundation of this keynote is our best-selling book, “Winning With Accountability, the Secret Language of High Performing Organizations.”

Expert sharing best practices for accelerating strategy implementation, highlighting successful execution techniques.

Accelerating Strategy Implementation: Best Practices for Success

Studies cite that organizations fail about 70% of the time when they try to implement their business strategies due to poor execution. It doesn’t have to be that way. Learn clear and straightforward approaches and techniques to implement your business strategy successfully, setting your business apart from others and accelerating extraordinary.

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