Leadership Team Development Participant

I realize as a leader or team member, our reactions can make or break our results. Today, I better recognize how my emotions will affect the outcome of any situation both in my business and personal life. This is POWERFUL and it works!

Florian Bankoley

Dynamic Results provided the change management expertise we needed to scale OKRs in our global technology organization

Simon Tasker

We are better leaders than we were two days ago. We could not have accomplished what we did in Strategic Planning without the process, guidance, and subject matter expertise from Dynamic Results.

J Stein

“If you think that emotional intelligence is about being nice or avoiding conflict and you see yourself as a leader, you’d better get this book. Step Up introduces you to the nitty-gritty of emotionally intelligent leadership. You’ll find examples and suggestions on...

Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner

“As Evans and Foster so wisely point out in Step Up, most often leadership is in the moment. Drawing on their considerable experience, Evans and Foster identify six critical opportunities to lead, and they offer practical and tangible ideas about how anyone can ‘step...