Mastering Effective Team Building: Secrets from a Global Leader


Building a Dream Team: The 3 Pillars of Effective Team Building


Hi, I’m Henry Evans, from Dynamic Results. Ever feel the struggle between achieving business goals and fostering strong team relationships? It’s a common challenge.


The Secret to Success: Beyond Skills

Recently, I spoke with a leader at a global pharmaceutical company who cracked the code on effective team building. He achieved both: exceeding targets and maintaining a happy, engaged team.

His secret? He focused on three key qualities when building his dream team:

Competence (Skills): It’s the foundation. They need the skills to do the job effectively.

Passion (Motivation): They genuinely enjoy their work and understand the “why” behind their role. Like this leader’s team, who were passionate about creating life-saving cancer treatments.

Likability (Collaboration): These are team players – positive, communicative, and easy to work with.


Building Your Effective Team

A team missing any of these elements can struggle. Here’s how to go beyond the resume and assess these qualities during interviews:

Competence: Use scenario-based questions related to the job description. Ask them to describe a time they solved a complex problem.

Passion: Keep it simple: “Why do you do this kind of work?” or “What drew you to this career?”

Likability: Ask about collaboration: “Tell me about a recent disagreement at work and how you resolved it?” You can also explore self-awareness: “What personal trait do people consistently tell you needs improvement?” or “What do you value more: relationships or results?”


Trust Your Gut

Remember Einstein: “The best decisions are a combination of intellect and intuition.” Gather information (work history, references), but also trust your gut feeling about how someone would fit within your team.


The Effective Team Building Takeaway

Effective team building goes beyond just skills. By focusing on competence, passion, and likeability, you can build a high-performing team that delivers results while fostering a positive and productive work environment.

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