Readiness Assessment for Strategic Success

In just a few minutes, these free assessments can help you determine if your culture is ready to support your strategic goals. Both strategy AND culture are critical to the success of your strategic initiatives. To successfully execute your strategy, you have to address both in tandem. Through our work, we’ve found that many organizations have a strategy but are lacking a culture of accountability and Emotional Safety® that’s ready to support their strategy and help bring it to life. Find out if your organization can effectively execute your strategy, by taking our free, five-minute online assessments.

Winning With Accountability™ Culture Assessment

How accountable is your culture? Based on our best-selling book: Winning With Accountability, The Secret Language of High Performing Organizations, just five-minutes will yield a quick, yet valuable perspective on how your organization stacks up against the most accountable cultures.

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Emotional Safety® Culture Assessment

Do you have a culture of Emotional Safety®? Based on the concepts outlined in our book, Step Up, Lead in Six Moments that Matter, a five-minute investment will help you determine if your organization has the level of trust and open communication required to accelerate success.

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