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Action, Not Just Planning

Our clients implement their strategic plans 86% of the time. According to Harvard, that‘s 8 times better than the 10% most organizations achieve. In their book Execution, Ram Charan and Larry Bossidy claim the rate is up to 30%. In short, our clients outperform their competitors in the execution of their strategies and we stay with our clients beyond planning and during implementation.

Proprietary Methods and Tools

Our proprietary methods for Building Accountability and Developing Leadership at Every Level of Your Organization, are taught to industry, academic institutions and NGOs worldwide.  We have 21st century, validated methods for measuring and developing human capacity, and for driving outstanding business results.

Measured Results

We take benchmark, “in-game”, and final progress measurements in almost all of our client engagements. This means that you and your stakeholders can see how you have performed and improved in areas like strategic implementation, individual development, and team development interventions.

Get a free color PDF version of the Accountability Puzzle here.
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Creating a Culture of Accountability

A cornerstone of our approach is creating real accountability at all levels of your organization. Drive better business results in a sustainable way, and in a way which builds key relationships. Employees and management teams who learn to speak and work this way become self-fueling powerhouses of productivity.

Hear what current and past clients have to say.

Mark Pfaff

Henry and the team at Dynamic Results have provided us with a simple, straight-forward guide filled with great ideas and useable methods that serve as the basis for driving Accountability at New York Life.

Mark PfaffExecutive Vice President and Head Of Agency
New York Life Insurance Company
Scott Schulman

Accountability is such an important business concept, particularly as organizations get more globally focused and pursue multiple initiatives to drive performance. Here, the concept is presented in a very simple, easy-to-understand manner. In less than 90 minutes, I was able to take away some powerful tools that I’m finding helpful in managing a complex business

Scott SchulmanPresident
Dow Jones Financial Information Services
Steve Bonomo

At adidas, we speak over 50 languages. The Language of Accountability in this book cuts through them all. By simply using these tools, I’m setting clearer expectations … and see them being met more often.”

Steve BonomoHead of Group Recruiting
adidas Group
David Cottrell

Without accountability, the greatest strategies in the world are not worth the paper they are written on. This book shows you how to make accountability a part of your organization’s culture and improve performance at the same time. Use the strategies outlined in this book and reap the rewards!

David CottrellAuthor
Monday Morning Leadership

Generate Leadership At Every Level of your Organization

In a world where people are busier than they have ever been, we work to generate leaders at every level of your organization, by exposing the Six Leadership Moments that Matter, and showing your people how to lead when they recognize they are in one of those moments.

About Us

Dynamic Results is a boutique firm offering consulting and coaching solutions to clients across the globe. We apply our proprietary methods and tools to help organizations execute strategy, develop leadership, manage change and enhance performance at an organizational, team and individual level. Our concepts and methodologies have been recognized by the media and academic institutions in the US, Europe, and Asia.

  • Our Methods

    Using a combination of proprietary and third party processes, we use proven approaches to drive your desired results. While we recognize the use for proven methodologies, we always remain agile and willing to customize our methods for maximum impact in your organization. We blend experience and agility in a way which will leave you better than we found you.

  • Our People

    Our global team of experts are recognized thought leaders in areas like Building Cultures of Accountability, Strategy Implementation, Emotionally Intelligent Leadership, Vertical Learning, Individual and Leadership Team Development, and Core Competency Modeling.  Our team is trusted by Industry, Governments, NGOs, and Leading Business Schools to deliver our concepts and methods.

  • Our Results

    Our clients lead in more than 25 business sectors. They outpace their competition in areas like employee engagement, accountability, innovation, and generating leadership at every level of their organization. We keep our concepts simple so you can focus on execution.

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