Fostering Emotional Safety: Emotional Intelligence in a Leader

Emotional Safety, Step Up

Elevating Leadership with Emotional Intelligence

Hi, I’m Henry Evans, founder and Managing Partner of Dynamic Results. Alongside Dr. Colm Foster, I co-authored “Step Up: Lead in Six Moments That Matter.”

Understanding Emotional Intelligence in Leadership Roles

We’re redefining leadership by integrating emotional intelligence, and we invite you to embrace your new role as the Director of Emotional Safety®. In the hierarchy of an organization, leaders wield more authority but face less accountability.

The Director of Emotional Safety®: A New Paradigm for Leaders

As Dr. Foster astutely points out, the higher your position, the less likely you are to receive honest feedback, risking decisions made with incomplete information.

The Importance of Accountability at the Leadership Level

Encouraging a culture where people feel secure to voice concerns is paramount. This means not just accepting but actively seeking tough love.

Encouraging Open Dialogue for Informed Decision-Making

It’s about more than surviving; it’s about thriving and fostering open, necessary dialogues.

Steve Jobs: An Exception in Leadership Emotional Intelligence

Reflecting on our strategic planning sessions, we recall the example of Steve Jobs, who, despite his notoriously harsh leadership style, led transformative success. Yet, we acknowledge, most of us are not Steve Jobs. We can’t emulate that approach and expect the same outcomes.

Cultivating a Culture of Emotional Safety in Organizations

Leadership is about creating an environment of Emotional Safety®, which keeps you connected to the pulse of your organization. It ensures your decisions are informed and reflective of real-time issues.

Elevate your leadership skills with emotional intelligence. Discover the power of Emotional Safety® with our expert insights. Connect with us today to transform your leadership journey!




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