Finding and Retaining Top Talent In This New Year

by Henry J. Evans, Managing Partner

Retaining TalentThere is some warranted optimism about an improvement in the global economy this year. With this uptick we assume that hiring will increase, making it more challenging to find, develop and retain top talent.

During the downturn many executives hesitated to jump ship, but with recovery more opportunities will open, making it harder to retain top talent.

To assist our clients in attracting, developing and retaining top talent Dynamic Results has launched two initiatives:

We’ve expanded our team and have people working in Latin America, Asia, Western Europe, and the U.S..

We’ve also delivered our Leadership Edge™, an executive assessment tool, globally.
When clients are looking for new talent and have narrowed their search to two or three final candidates, Dynamic Results assesses them and makes a hiring recommendation based on these assessments. During the first year of employment to further assure integration and retention, Dynamic Results uses the assessment and a formal coaching relationship to guide the development of the leader.

About The Leadership Edge™: Knowing that we needed an assessment tool that included measuring vital core competencies such as accountability and cross-cultural sensitivity we searched the market for a suitable product. Not finding one, we created our own:The Leadership Edge™.

You will find that our assessments yield a report that:

  • is easy to read and interpret
  • fully describes the candidate’s competencies in two pages
  • presents a groundwork for future developmental planning

In addition, The Leadership Edge™ provides the candidates with a clear picture of:

  • their leadership style
  • how they think and decide
  • what drives them and how they react to challenges

After the hire we use the report to help the employee continue to develop those competencies having the greatest impact on their work, and to help them continue increasing their value to the organization.

As always, we welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions.

We are energized about the emerging possibilities in this New Year, and we wish you and yours the best of everything.

Henry J. Evans, Managing Partner

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