Going Public, Best Practices for the 4th piece of the Accountability Puzzle

“Accountability is born when two or more people know about a commitment.”
Sharing Best Practices for the fourth piece of the Accountability Puzzle™

True accountability begins when someone else knows about it.

We suggest you do two important things:

1) Find an Accountability Partner
2) Publish your commitments

It is important to invite and welcome people to hold you accountable. An accountability partner should be someone who is neither your boss nor your direct report. You should choose someone who will be honest with you.

Shared accountability can make you better at what you do – it is a relationship builder. When you publish your commitments, you let others know what you have promised to do.

Many of our client partners find it useful to keep our Accountability Puzzle™ where they can see it all the time. This helps them truly change their behavior around accountability and drive results for themselves and in their organizations.

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The preceding text is copyrighted material from the best selling book;
“Winning with Accountability, the Secret Language of High Performing Organizations”

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