Winning with Accountability™

An interactive, online accountability training experience designed to scale the principles of accountability across all levels of your organization.

The most successful leaders have learned that when you leverage accountability from the start, meaning when you set clear expectations and consistently follow through on promises:

  • Performance increases
  • Resources are better allocated because you’ve removed the guesswork
  • Job satisfaction goes up
  • Relationships are stronger
  • Revenue and profitability increases

Accountability is not a negative term. It’s about establishing ownership, clear timelines, and driving results so you can implement your strategic plans faster and more effectively than the competition.

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How Accountable Is Your Culture?

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Based on our best-selling book, “Winning With Accountability – The Secret Language of High Performing Organizations” and experience working with thousands of global leaders, Winning With Accountability™ is an award-winning, self-paced online learning experience filled with engaging, powerful content; action learning assignments; and tools that are immediately applicable.

What You’ll Learn

  • Gain the mindset and language that high performing teams and organizations use globally
  • Focus on where you can get results
  • Set clear expectations and take ownership
  • Practice frontloading accountability
  • Deepen your understanding of your role in creating accountability
  • Discover how to take ownership and drive accountability in your organization
  • Drive innovation without being a jerk
  • Eliminate excuses

Learner Experience

New Concepts

Learn actionable accountability content and tools, and how to integrate them into your work.

Social Interaction

Strengthen learning through engagement with peers and instructors during interactive discussions.

Engaging Gamification

Compete for points and prizes to enhance stickiness and improve ROI.

Easy Access

Works on any device, from any location, at any time.

Track Progress

Measure and quantify progress every step of the way.

Ongoing Support

Reinforce learning with Afterlearn™ in just a few minutes per week.


At Twitter, we speak over 50 languages. The Language of Accountability in this book cuts through them all. By simply using these tools, I’m setting clearer expectations … and see them being met more often.

Steve Bonomo
Head of Global Talent Acquisition

Accountability is such an important business concept, particularly as organizations get more globally focused and pursue multiple initiatives to drive performance. Here, the concept is presented in a very simple, easy-to-understand manner. In less than 90 minutes, I was able to take away some powerful tools that I’m finding helpful in managing a complex business.

Scott Schulman
Dow Jones Financial Information Services

Henry and the team at Dynamic Results have provided us with a simple, straight-forward guide filled with great ideas and useable methods that serve as the basis for driving Accountability at New York Life.

Mark Pfaff
Executive Vice President and Head of Agency
New York Life Insurance Company

Make It Stick with AfterLearn™

AfterLearnTM reinforces learning in just 2-4 minutes per week.  Participants earn points through text sprintsvideos, and challenges. This gamification of content is a fast and engaging method of practice that enables behaviors to “stick” in a way that learners love as they compete with their teammates for prizes and top spots on leaderboards.

Ideal Audience

Leaders at all levels  


Self-paced (asynchronous) and facilitated group learning (synchronous) in a virtual classroom


Learn at your own pace over 12 weeks. About 4 minutes per week

Read About Accountability Training

Winning With Accountability™ introduces you to the language of accountability and teaches you how to make and request commitments. When you do both, you increase performance, build key relationships, and create a competitive edge.

Best-selling book with over 100,000 copies sold

A must-have book for when you want simple strategies to make accountability real—and to make it stick.

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